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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

An EICR or electrical installation condition report is the new name for what was formerly known as a periodic inspection report or PIR. A visual inspection of the complete installation is carried out to verify the integrity of the installation, to identify any damage and to check that the system has been correctly selected and erected. The inspection also includes a number of tests to determine the condition of the installation and to ensure that essential protective devices will operate correctly. EICR's also establish if the electrical installation is suitable for continued use in the terms of electrical safety.

Why should I have a Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out? There are several reasons you may request a condition report of the electrical installation, such as when selling or buying a property, or carrying out major renovation works to your own home such as a conversion or large extension. If you have had a fire or flood, you may also need to have a report carried out on the installation, not just for insurance, but for your own peace of mind to ensure the installation is still in good condition.

Electrical installations, as with everything else, deteriorate over time and quite often, people say, "it works so it must be OK". Your electrical installation can be compromised in many ways, by age, wear & tear, corrosion, physical damage, excessive electrical loading, plus environmental conditions such as damp and heat.

Landlord Certificates

If you are a landlord letting your property through housing associations and councils, you will need an EICR as a mandatory document before you can let the properly. We also advise that any landlords that have not had their rental properties inspected & tested in the last five years, should consider having an EICR carried out.

Electricians In Darlington

We are NICEIC registered electrical contractors based in Darlington. All inspection & testing is out carried by qualified electricians in accordance with IET Guidance Note 3. We provide excellent customer service, professional electrical installations and above all we make sure each customer's needs are met and that they are completely satisfied.